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  • Avoid Credit Repair Scams
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  • ​Learn How to Never Again Be a Victim to Banks and Creditors

Rebuild, Repair and Improve...

Your Consumer Profiles Today

  • Improve Your Consumer Scores
  • Establish Rockstar Credit
  • Avoid Credit Repair Scams

Are You Facing These Problems?

Do you have low consumer scores and a low-quality profile?

It is not your fault! 

Yes! You heard that right! The fact that you have a low-quality profile, and scores is not because you have failed; it is because your educational system has failed you! Your consumer advocate, Total Solution Trust, will empower you to have A+ rated consumer profiles that will unlock access to the resources you and your family need! 

    Are you $10,000 or more 
in debt?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel that there is no way out? Total Solution Trust and our advocates will design a personalized strategy that will unlock the plan, path, and possibilities that will create Rockstar credit. Do not feel overwhelmed or trapped by high amounts of negative debt another day, get started right away!

Have you considered Bankruptcy?

You are not alone! 

Many people who feel like they are drowning in debt have considered bankruptcy, but you do not need to! There is another way out of that negative debt cycle that will not financially sideline you for 7-10 years! Total Solution Trust will guide you off the sidelines and back into action on the Consumer Rockstar field! Get back in the game now!

It Really is No Wonder Why

They Do Not Want You To Win

It Doesn’t Benefit Them, And It Keeps You In Chains!

To add insult to injury, credit repair companies have continued to charge hefty monthly sums from consumers while ignoring the full depth of damages to consumer scores and potential civil damages creditors and reporting agencies may be liable for. These companies topically repair the profiles, but do not carry the procedure to finality. Therefore, consumers experience a rise in scores temporarily, then 60-75 days later, the low scores return. Credit repair is only a Band-Aid on a gushing wound; one must stop the source of the bleeding to truly experience profile healing and restoration! These companies do not fully restore the entire profile, which is why consumers find themselves returning to credit repair again and again. Nonetheless, a dedicated and experienced consumer advocate can adeptly guide a consumer on why and how to restore his profiles, so anyone with bad consumer scores can be restored anew, afresh, and strong!

Never Be Their Unwitting Victim Again


Secure your consumer breakthrough call with your advocate to unlock your plan, path, and possibilities. Begin your journey to being a ROCKSTAR consumer and reap all the benefits when your consumer score is over 750!


We fully evaluate all 3 of your current consumer profiles, and identify the wounds to be healed that will unlock the plan to realign them with your aspirations and goals.


Our consumer restoration advocates will help you remaster and restore your consumer profiles to a fundable status.

Why is a Consumer Profile Important?

A Consumer profile plays an integral part in one’s life. It helps in one’s personal development and planning of their future. For credit facilities, it is a crucial indicator of who qualifies for financial loans.

Unfortunately, as important as it is, some individuals and credit institutions have taken advantage of their consumers’ desperation for credit and insufficient knowledge to exploit them through hefty interest loans.

Additionally, other credit repair companies have continued to take hefty sums from consumers while ignoring the damages on credit scores instead of restoring and repairing their consumer profiles. Nonetheless, with the help of a dedicated and experienced credit restoration specialist, anyone with a bad credit score can get refreshed.

Luckily, our company has certified and experienced specialists with the required know-how to analyze your customer profile and credit score. State the condition you are at, whether on the verge of bankruptcy or bad credit accessibility. Further forward, consult with you and customize strategies to restore your consumer profile, thereby securing reasonable credit offers with favorable loan interests for your present and future goals

Discover What Banks, Creditors, Debt Consolidation, and Credit Repair Agencies Have Been Hiding from You

Download This Earth-Shattering eBook That Will Expose Them and Their Lies!

Get our eBook to uncover 2 of the secrets that credit repair companies and creditors do not want you to know! Learn how and why credit repair companies, debt consolidation companies, and creditors do not want you to win, and what you can do to stop their blatant victimization of you!

Discover for yourself how they never wanted you to be free, how they never wanted you to have outstanding consumer profiles, and how you are damaging their wallets by having great consumer profiles! 

Learn how to never again be their victim, how to navigate around damaging debts, how to properly save to protect your family, and how to prevent the painful process of bankruptcy.

Take your financial reins back into your own trusted hands so that you can uncover the best way to pay off debts and be conscious of the consumer and financial decisions you make daily. Save yourself from the damaging and costly effects of having to spend the rest of your life living in the deadly hand-to-mouth cycle, constantly watching your paycheck’s value diminish before you have even received it. We teach you how to stop this painful cycle of battling constant negative debt while struggling to put food on the table and keep the lights on.

The benefits do not end there! You will learn how improving your consumer profile gives you access to loans with the best terms and interest rates possible!

Meet Your Advocate, Meet The Solutionist

Meet Laurén, aka "The Solutionist", who is the Nation’s leading consumer advocate. She passionately advocates for the rights of consumers, and guides consumers in how to finally obtain ROCKSTAR consumer profiles, so that they can finally experience all of the benefits of a true consumer Rockstar and never again be a victim of big businesses, banks, and creditors.

We help individuals uncover solutions to one of the most prolific problems faced by today's modern society – negative and overwhelming debt. ​​

Sadly, our formal educational system is not designed to properly prepare students to be successful in today's economy. Nor does it prepare consumers to use debt and access to credit in a way that can create a financially independent lifestyle.

​Total Solution Trust specializes in educating  and empowering consumers in their lawful consumer rights and privileges. We take that deeper by partnering with consumers to rebuild and fully restore their consumer credit profiles. You too can have consumer scores over 800 and unlock your access to funding when you and your family need it most! Never again be denied by a bank or lending institution, give yourself the gift of true consumer freedom!

The Solutionist

Look What Others Are Saying


Now Lets Read The Story of Two People who were facing the same Issue

Danielle, a business owner who was on the verge of bankruptcy. At first, she was hesitant due to the many stories about seeking help from credit restoration specialists. However, after things got terrible, she decided to seek help from our trusted experts after referrals from her friends. Our specialist assisted her in rebuilding her consumer profile and restored her credit score. Currently, she accesses and secures low-interest loans as the business keeps thriving. She confidently recommends anyone with a similar challenge contact certified specialists for help. 

On the other hand, Michelle, a business owner, also suffered a similar problem but failed to identify the exact issue on time. Therefore, she did not know what was wrong with her business or whether to seek help. After a while, Michelle filed for bankruptcy and shut down her business. Later that month, she got wind of our resourcefulness to other customers in similar statuses and called us. We immediately intervened and showed her the way forward. We set strategies and steps that restored her to operation. She is now on the path to success with full knowledge and awareness of financial decisions. 

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